Make Room For Happiness

We can’t afford to sell our peace. It doesn’t have a price value, it is not for negotiating or trade.

I’ve found myself giving the above advice (see quote above) a lot lately. I’ve witnessed many of my friends and family consistently pursue things that don’t nourish their souls. This leaves them feeling empty, resentful and frustrated. If you have a shitty client who makes you miserable, and you know you could replace them, get rid of them! If you hate your job and you want to start over – even if you’re 60s year old – do it! No I’m not saying quit that job, or ditch that client right this minute. I am saying, make more room in your life for the things that make you happy. Its about focussing on what you want to feel instead of what you think you need.
E.G. “I can’t ditch that client because I NEED them!”
Sounds familiar? The pursuit of physical possessions such as money will never fully satisfy our desire for happiness. When we focus on how we want to feel, everything comes together without the stress, drama and self-doubt. For instance in this example, tell the universe,
“Hey! I’m not happy with this client. I am willing to let them go because they no longer serve me. I am willing to make room for clients that bring me happiness”.
You might end up with a client you love AND who pays you more!

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