A Lesson on Surrendering

To say that last year was a ‘mare for me would be somewhat of an understatement. Everything I held dear, everything I took for granted came crashing down around me (multiple times). Little did I realise, or wish to accept, the universe was trying to teach me to surrender (amongst many other lessons). I saw that my attempt to control everything was having the reverse affect. I also saw that my stinky attitude was manifesting shit storms in my life.
Surrendering to the lessons you need to learn is the key to walking through them quickly.
Lessons don’t always have to be difficult to learn; they become difficult for those who have chosen again and again through many incarnations to totally ignore them.
There comes a time when life will no longer allow you to ignore the promptings of your soul, and this is when life can, for a while, become quite difficult.
There is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep going, keep pushing through the walls, keep trusting in a power greater in you.
Giving over your struggles etc. to God / the universe / your inner guide (whatever you wanna call it) can bring you the greatest peace you will ever know.

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