A Lesson on Mindfulness: Like A Hawk


Last year, January 2017, I successfully completed the ‘A Course In Miracles’ 40 Day Program by Lisa Natoli which truly CHANGED MY LIFE and my understanding of mindfulness!

One of the key takeouts from this spiritual experience was learning to watch my thoughts like a hawk🦅, and I still practice this technique everyday!
If you’re experiencing low energy, feeling moody, if you’re tired of your judgemental self or – like me – finally decided that ‘enough is enough’, I urge you to commit to this 40 day practice.
As Lisa explains, “Everyone here has the ability to look at unwanted behaviours, thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions and let them go when you realize they are not serving any purpose. And then to move into a new state of being of wholeness, happiness, love – and to live it. To feel it. To be it. You cannot create abundance from a state of lack, unworthiness and limitation. Nothing changes from a place of worry, pissed-off-ness and doubt, HOWEVER what you can do is see if you’re living from that place (doubt, anger, sadness, living alone without a Guide and without God etc) and make a decision to move to a new neighbourhood.”

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